Single Dream Saloon by Obie Beu

Praise from singer-songwriter Tony Grey:

Single Dream Saloon captures the magic and grit smoldering in the small mountain towns of the West Coast. If Tom Robbins had written Ken Kesey’s Sometimes a Great Notion, he might have ended up with Single Dream Saloon. The dozens of characters Beukers manages to keep track of include geriatric lovers who escape for romantic getaways in their shared dreams, incontinent protagonist bunnies, down and out coke-head cyclists who’ll do whatever it takes for one last ride of glory, and of course the quintessential guitar-slinging tractor-driving hero.

These mountain inhabitants’ misadventures are what make the novel so special. There’s the drunk chef who paints himself in glow-in-the-dark paint, then sets fire to his restaurant trying to strip the paint off with gasoline. There’s the extortionist jewel thief who burns down an old man’s outhouse and threatens worse unless a pair of invaluable earrings are delivered via carrier pigeon. Throw in a ballerina, some hungry aliens, and a preternatural priestess and you wonder how the hell the story’s going to hold together.

But, somehow Beukers weaves a hundred small town tales into an over-the-top epic narrative, complete with aliens and Satan himself, and the pages just keep turning.


More praise for Single Dream Saloon:

“Entertaining from start to finish!”

— Photographer Juanita Lovely

“Although you may never see Single Dream Saloon on the paperback rack of an airport gift shop, this book might provide just the flight you need while you wait in a dreary, crowded terminal for your delayed plane to arrive.”

—Writer Crimson Blackstone