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Obie Beukers Author

Novelist Obie Beukers has been a writer and editor for many years, beginning with his student days at Stanford University in the late Sixties. There, he became friends with teacher Ed McClanahan (Just Hitched in from the Coast). Ed’s stories, conversation, and winsome Kentucky drawl inspired the rhythmic musicality and self-deprecating sense of humor we find in Obie’s writing today. The novelist puts it this way: “If I’ve got the blues, I just go to one of Ed’s books on my smart phone, read a few lines, and—unless I’m hopelessly ill—find myself instantly uplifted.”

Ed also introduced Obie to La Honda, a small town in the Santa Cruz mountains of northern California, where Ed and his buddy Ken Kesey (Sometimes a Great Notion) lived for a time. By the mid-Seventies, when Obie and his then wife settled there and began to raise a family, it had a thriving musical scene.“On a starry summer night, you could walk down a quarter mile of Highway 84,” he says, “and hear great music at four different bars: bluegrass at the Merry Prankster, country rock at Apple Jack’s, the wailing harp of Charlie Musclewhite at Venturi’s; and the high lonesome sound of Neil Young at Boots and Saddles.”

Inevitably, the music, comedy, and drama of those times seeped into Obie’s fiction, along with something else: “There was a kind of magic in the town, as though the interior of the mountain beneath La Honda were as supercharged as the bright stars above. And soon that energy, along with all the local color, began to influence the direction of Single Dream Saloon, the novel I was writing.”

Although Obie did a long stint in the cube farms of Silicon Valley—“to keep body and soul together”—he always kept his fiction going. In late 2015, Single Dream Saloon was published on Amazon.

Today Obie lives with his wife, photographer Juanita Lovely, and a dear old tomcat in Calaveras County—where the writer takes delight in the music he hears among the “mythical folds of the Mother Lode.”

Favorite reads of today include Barbara Kingsolver (The Poison Wood Bible), Tom Robbins (Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas), Robert McCammon (Gone South), Anne Lamott (Travelling Mercies), Cheryl Strayed (Wild), Donna Tart (The Goldfinch), and Charles Bukowski (Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument Until the Fingers Begin to Bleed).

More great stories from Obie are on their way. Follow his blog, and watch this space for announcements about upcoming publications and appearances.